Space Trainer


Guitar accessory that allows you to learn the correct hand position on the guitar neck, prevents “over gripping”




The Space Trainer guitar learning aid helps you learn the correct hand position for playing open chords. The simple plastic guide frame is easy to fit and remove from the guitar’s neck, on electric, acoustic and classical guitars*. Space Trainer is suitable for both children and older guitarists.
The Space Trainer naturally helps the left hand to form the correct shape for playing and stops the ‘overgripping’ of the neck, a problem that often occurs while learning guitar. It has been proven to dramatically increase performance of beginners and is ideal for both formal guitar lessons and private practice.
Initially designed to help absolute beginners, the Space Trainer is also an invaluable practice aid for more advanced guitar players, helping to practice ideal finger positioning.
Invented by guitar teacher Kelvin Pratt, the Space Trainer fits acoustic guitars* most half size classical guitars and “student” or children’s guitars and also electric guitars.
Using the Space Trainer
Simply clip the Space Trainer onto the guitar neck 1st and 5th fret. The exact position of the trainer is not important and it will not interfere with your guitar strings.
Once in place, the Space Trainer simply forces the beginner’s hand into a more upright position, making those first primary chords sound like chords and giving great encouragement in the early stages of learning. The new guitar player will feel like they are making progress and the guitar will get played and not become just a passing fad.
The Space Trainer is easily removed and re-positioned without damage to the guitar and once the hand develops “muscle memory” of the correct position the trainer is no longer needed.
*On most guitars the Space Trainer works fine “first time” without any adjustment, but just occasionally people have a problem with a specific guitar if it has an unusually fat or wide profile and in this case some adjustment may be needed. For details on adjusting see

Technical Specification
Construction: Black thermoplastic moulding
Neck clips heat treated for elasticity to fit a range of guitar neck widths
Neck width (min) 41mm at 1st fret, 46mm at 5th fret
Neck width (max) 46mm at 1st fret, 50mm at 5th fret
Suitable for most:
– Electric guitars
– Slim-neck acoustic guitars
– Half-size Classical guitars
– Student guitars
– Children’s guitars
– All fretboard types
Not suitable for 12-string guitars

Part No. ST0108
Patent No UK:- 0713854.8, PCT/GB2008/000383



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