Power Chord Trainer “Wanna Rock”


helps you learn the correct finger width for playing all those power chords up and down the guitar neck



The unique Power Chord Trainer is the only guitar teaching aid of its type. Designed and manufactured by Guitar Gizmos in the UK, it is now available worldwide, direct from the inventors.

Made of resiliant flexible plastic, Power Chord Trainer overcomes the fundamental problem that all guitarists face with power chords – finger spacing. Power Chord Trainer is a lightweight device that trains your fingers to hold the fret spacing needed for playing power chords… all the way up the neck! Because your fingers are squeezing in against the pressure of the training device the spacing is much easier to acheive than the usual stretching outwards.

Power Chord Trainer works with both two and three note power chords and can be used for learning, practicing, exercising…

Power Chord Trainer is suitable for children, teens and adults and equally useful to both right and left-handed guitar players.

COLOUR: RED Supplied with full instructions

Please see for further details and power chord tips

Power Chord Trainer
Height: 2.8″ (70mm)
Width: 2.2″ (55mm)
Depth: 0.7″ (18mm)

One size fits all Suitable for right and left-handed guitar players Supplied with instructions and playing tips
Builds finger strength
Achieves correct finger spacing
Helps build muscle memory
Increases finger stretch



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