Music Bar


This music bar helps to reduce the volume of your guitar during practice sessions.  You can practice those difficult chord changes over and over again, firmly but quietly, until perfected.



The Music Bar is a compact and well-designed guitar mute that enables you to practice at “full strength” without disturbing those around you.

Perfecting the guitar takes practice, and sometimes this isn’t appreciated by housemates, spouses, parents or neighbors!
Using a guitar mute enable you to naturally practice your scales, riffs etc but at a reduced volume, keeping those around you happy. Ideal for pre-gig hotel room practice and warm-up.

The Music Bar is suitable for all levels of guitarist players, from beginners to professionals. It works equally well on both steell-strung and nylon-strung strung guitars and is particularly useful for classical and flamenco guitar players. Its purpose is to allow the student and musician to practice playing in relative silence.

Normal acoustic guitars have a noise range of around 80db. The Music Bar significantly reduces this volume so that a person playing in one room is barely audible in another room in the same house. This gives the practicing guitarist longer periods of practice without disturbing people around them and so gives them the opportunity to take on new pieces of music without feeling self conscious.

This robust and well-designed addition to any guitarist’s kit is a great gift and a must for serious musicians and students alike. It does not come into contact with the guitar and is put on or off the strings in a second, with no adjustment required. Keep one in your gig bag!

The Music Bar can be used on full size, ¾ and ½ size guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, and banjos as well.
Benefits of Music Bar include:
Drills and scales that involve repetitive strokes can be played at full commitment without loud volume.
Quieter playing and practice means better learning curves and less stress on the ears for you and those around you.
You can practice those difficult chord changes over and over again, firmly but quietly, until perfected.
Playing along to CDs whilst learning new material means you can hear your chords and note changes easily without raising the stereo volume.
Right hand and left hand techniques mastered in quiet comfort.
It’s simple to apply and offers you full, consistent damping across all strings.
Offers you a great warm up device before taking to the stage.
Fits easily in your guitar case and can even be left on the strings.
Resonance and tonal quality can be adjusted if required, although the Music Bar has been pre-set and should require no alteration.



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