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Strike the Right Chord with the Guitar Gizmos© Power Chord Trainer.
By Jacob Peatey – Guitar Gizmos

Ergonomically designed and easy-to-use, this unique practice aid solves a fundamental problem for all beginner guitarists: finger spacing.
Made from resilient and flexible plastic, the Power Chord Trainer helps to correct finger position. By building up muscle memory and finger strength it allows for comfortable practice and noticeable improvement.
With the Power Chord Trainer, you won’t have to stretch your fingers into uncomfortable positions – it does all the work for you! Just wear the trainer when you play and you’ll master two and three-finger power chords without having to strain your hand ever again.
The Power Chord Trainer’s surprisingly simple and lightweight design is suitable for all guitarists and will have beginners rocking out in no time!

Learn the Right Way with the Guitar Gizmos© Space Trainer.
By Jacob Peatey – Guitar Gizmos

Intended to perfect hand positioning, the Space Trainer is an easy-to-use aid for beginners who are encountering the common problem of holding their instrument incorrectly.
Designed by guitarists for guitarists, the Space Trainer has been demonstrated to dramatically minimize this ‘overgripping’ – which can lead to strain, or discomfort – and will effectively encourage correct hand placement.
With the Space Trainer, you will find playing your guitar easier and more comfortable. For beginners, overcoming these fundamental issues is a great source of motivation, and has been proven to significantly help in the initial stages of learning to play.
The Space Trainer’s simple snap-on design allows for versatile utility, easy removal and adjustment, and it will not interfere with the strings or playability of your instrument. Because of the distinct shape and heat-treated clips, the Space Trainer will fit most electric, acoustic, and classical guitars – as well as half and children sized instruments.