Does the Space Trainer really work?

Yes! Although it might seem like a strange little gadget, the guitar Space Trainer has helped hundreds of beginners master the basic left hand position that so many guitarists struggle with.
Shaping chords on the guitar neck doesn’t come naturally and the Space Trainer helps to overcome the typical flattened fingers and over-gripping of the neck that is almost universal in the early stages of learning the guitar.
Both adults and students find the Space Trainer naturally guides their left hand to the proper position for playing open chords. Once the correct hand position is learnt, the Space Trainer can be removed.

How does Power Chord Trainer work?
By applying a firm but gentle outward force between the first and third fingers, Power Chord Trainer simply helps you to achieve the required finger spacing that so many beginners struggle with.
As you move chord position up the neck of your guitar, there is a natural tendency to squeeze the fingers together. With the Power Chord Trainer fitted, it counteracts this and helps to guide your fingers to keep the fret spacing you need.
As you return to chord positions down the neck toward the head of the guitar, Power Chord Trainer helps to expand the finger spacing to keep you on track with these chords.
Practicing with Power Chord Trainer gives you confidence to move the power chord shape around the fretboard, developing muscle memory until you no longer need it!
Power Chord Trainer can also be used to develop the muscles in the fingers to aid other guitar playing styles too, from classical to shredding!

Is the Space Trainer suitable for children?

Yes, the Space Trainer was originally developed by a professional guitar teacher for use in schools, to address the hand and finger position problems that he had seen many children struggle with in his 10-year teaching career. It is  ideal for teaching children of all ages to play guitar.
Space Trainer is also suitable for teens and adults of all ages.

Do you deliver to the USA? Canada? Australia?

Yes, we send gizmos to many guitar students and music teachers in the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries around the world.
Unless specified, all international orders are sent via Royal Mail’s Standard service, direct from the UK. Royal Mail specify “Worldwide delivery within five working days” using International Starndard, but this is not guaranteed. International Starndard is the most cost-effective method of delivery, but does not include tracking.
If you would like to use a service with on-line tracking (recommended), then please select the Tracked & Signed delivery method option to your order and we will send tracking details when your goods are despatched. Unfortunately this tracked option is more costly in the UK than in the US. We charge cost price for all postage. Tracked delivery is usually 1 day quicker than regular International Starndard.
You can pay in US dollars using your credit card via PayPal, the most popular (and secure) website payment system in the world. You do not need a PayPal account, but if you already have an account it makes checkout even easier.
Do I need a PayPal account to order from you?
No, you can pay securely via PayPal without signing up for an account.
PayPal accept all major credit and debit cards without the need to register.

What if the Space Trainer doesn’t fit my guitar’s neck properly?

On most guitars the Space Trainer works fine “first time” without any adjustment, but just occasionally people have a problem with a specific guitar. Although we’ve designed it to be as universal as possible, it is impossible to ensure that Space Trainer will perfectly fit every one of the thousands of guitars available, all with slight variations in neck size and profile.
However, the plastic we’ve used for the Space Trainer allows it to be easily adjusted for unusual neck shapes and sizes.

Adjusting the Space Trainer
Simply heat the neck clip for a minute or two with a hairdryer on hot setting* and you will find that it is possible to gently bend the clips slightly, either closer or wider. Just hold in place for 20 seconds or so while the plastic cools and the new shape will be retained. The most common adjustment is simply to squeeze the clips in slightly, for a tighter neck fitting. Do not try to bend the clips without heating, or they will simply spring back to their original shape.
For deeper section necks, it is also possible to bend the bottom of the U shape of the clip, to give a little more depth when needed on particularly deep profile necks. This is a bit more tricky than just adjusting the width, but is quite possible with a little care.
*We wouldn’t recommend doing this while actually fitted on the guitar! Take it off, adjust, wait to cool then try again. Repeat until perfect. 

Will the Space Trainer work on left-handed guitars?
Space Trainer is reversible, so it is possible for left-handed students to use it on their guitars, but please note that some adjustment will be needed for left-handed use.
A little patience is needed to get a good fit, but once adjusted it workd fine for lefites.
Just ensure you fit it with the space bar at the bottom, whether your plaing a right handed or left handed guitar!

Does the Space Trainer help learn barre chords?

Although the Space Trainer is designed primarily to help learn the correct hand position for basic ‘open’ chords, it can also be useful for learning the basic “E shape” bar chord of F, at the first fret.
To play an F chord either as a full barre chord or just with the first two strings barred (i.e. the E and B strings both fretted at the first fret with your first finger), simply ensure that the Space Trainer is clipped either just just behind or just in front of the first fret. This allows space for the barring finger, while still providing guidance for the other fingers, helping you to form the correct finger positions for your F chord.
This diagram shows a simplified F chord, and ideal starting point for beginners.Space Trainer is easily removed for practicing barre chords in other fret positions.

Are power chords just for heavy rock and metal songs?
No. Although mainly associated with heavy rock, power chords are used in many other genres too and can also be a good introduction to playing full barre chords.
Listen to old Beatles songs like Helter Skelter and Hey Bulldog for good examples of pop songs that can use power chords.
Whether on electric or acoustic guitar and playing pop, rock or blues… Power Chord Trainer can help you achieve the next milestone in your guitar playing – moveable chords.

Does Space Trainer help classical guitar players?
Yes, although we tend to describe Space Trainer more in terms of playing open guitar chords, it is excellent for learning and practicing classical guitar fingering. Proper finger shape is particularly important for classical players and Space Trainer is a great way of embedding the proper shape so that it becomes natural from an early stage in your learning. It can also help to correct bad habits for more experienced players!

Which part of my finger should press the string on my guitar?
A very good question, which all guitar beginners should ask!
The simple answer is that the end of your fingers should be used to fret the strings, bit not the tips of your fingers.
If you place your fingers vertically on the table or desk in front of you, the tips of your fingers will make contact with the surface. If you then move your finger about 30 to 45 degrees off the vertical, the pad at the end of your finger will make contact, but not the very tip – this finger end pad is what needs to be holding down the string on your guitar.* If you continue to move your finger so that it is nearly flat on the desk you will be using the flat part of your finger – and this is what you must avoid when playing the guitar.
Playing your guitar with flattened fingers may seem like an easy option at first, but it is simply impossible to progress like this as your flattened finger takes up too much space and covers more than one string!
*If you find that your finger nail is still touching the surface then you need to cut your nails. It is vital that you have short nails in order to play the guitar – sorry girls!

Can I use Power Chord Trainer with three note Power chords?
Yes, although Power Chord Trainer fits between the first and third fingers of your fretting hand, it doesn’t prevent you also using your fourth finger (pinky) to play the octave note of the chord and is a big help in positioning this finger.
Playing three-note power chords (root note, fifth and octave) gives a fuller sound than two-note power chords but are a little more difficult to master. Power Chord Trainer helps with both two and three note chords and provides a strong shape as a foundation for the pinky finger, which frets the string directly below the third finger.

Can I use Power Chord Trainer with my acoustic guitar?
Yes, of course!
Although power chords are most associated with electric guitars, they can also be played on acoustics and are a good introduction to “movable chords” such as barre chords.
Power Chord Trainer helps you to get your head – and your fingers – around the finger positioning for moveable power chords, which can seen very strange when you’re used to playing basic open chords.
Whether you play electric or acoustic guitar, Power Chord Trainer will help your guitar playing progress past playing open chords on the first few frets and you will soon be experimenting with chords in different fret positions all the way up the neck!