About Us

Kelvin Pratt has been a professional guitar teacher for over 20 years, teaching electric, acoustic and bass guitars both in schools and at his studio in Kent, England.

A former gigging professional guitarist, Kelvin noticed that many beginners struggle with left hand position in their early stages of learning. He initially tried to correct this by using pencils positioned underneath the neck to encourage the student’s hand into the correct playing position. Realising the potential of a hand training aid he invented, patented and produced the Space Trainer.

Kelvin uses the Space Trainer with all his own guitar students and now they find it easy to get their hands into the correct shape making chord playing much easier and successful.
“For many years teaching guitar I have seen beginners adopt bad left hand techniques. The Space Trainer eradicates this with most students.”

Following the success of the Space Trainer, Kelvin teamed up with guitarist and entrepreneur Paul Leverett to develop the Power Chord Trainer. Power Chord Trainer helps beginners who are used to playing only open chords adapt to the hand position needed for power chords. This is also a great introduction to the concept of bar (or barre) chords.