Guitar Gizmos – guitar learning and practice aids

Guitar Gizmos is an online store for guitar teaching, guitar learning and guitar practice aids for adults and children to make it easy to learn guitar.

Hi, I’m Kelvin, a pro guitar player and guitar teacher in the UK for over 20 years.

I see a lot of beginner guitarists struggle to master the basics, so I’ve teamed up with Paul, a life-long amateur guitarist and entrepreneur to bring you a range of teaching, learning and practice aids for guitar students together with a some basic guitar accessories specially chosen for beginners and young guitarists.

Our first gizmo I invented was the Space Trainer, which has now helped thousand guitarists worldwide. Then in 2010 Paul and I invented and produced the Power Chord Trainer to help beginners progress from open chords to “moveable” rock chords.

We’re also stockists of the brilliant Music Bar guitar mute is another great little gizmo to help with your guitar practice and has proved very popular with our customers.

We deliver our products worldwide, so whether you’re in York or New York, Madrid or Manchester, Toulouse or Toronto, or anywhere else around the globe we can deliver directly to you.

Our guitar hand tips page to overcome problems with overgripping, buzzing strings and sore fingers! If you want any further advice, please email us and we’ll help if we can.

We love guitars and want you to enjoy playing as much as we do!